Who we are

Nordsøfonden is the Danish state-owned oil and gas company managing the state participation in the majority of the licences in the Danish area. We are partner in the Danish Underground Consortium, accounting for almost 90 % of the Danish production.

Pipes in perspective


Our purpose

Production of oil and gas from the Danish sector of the North Sea is contributing to securing the availability of the energy needed by our country. In addition to this, the production is creating growth as well as jobs and providing considerable revenue to our society. We see ourselves as a participant in the work needed to ensure the welfare and the steady supply of energy to Denmark.

Denmark is aiming at becoming independent of fossil fuels by 2050. At the same time it is obvious that for many years ahead we cannot live without oil and gas as the necessary technology has not yet advanced to the required scale. Also, the green transformation will take time and be costly. Natural gas is the cleanest fuel available, and so natural gas can play a considerable part as a transition fuel to the energy supply of the next decades.

After the year of 2050 production of oil and gas from the Danish sector can still contribute to the Danish economy.


What we do

Our job is to attend to the national interests in the Danish oil and gas production. To achieve this, we are an active and solution-orientated partner. We are working to the benefit of the licences by focusing especially on long-term solutions.

We have a unique knowledge of the Danish underground and the activities taking place here. As a centrally situated partner we can facilitate cooperation and coordination across the licences.  This can ensure optimal exploration and production to the benefit of both the companies involved and the State of Denmark.

We strive at being involved in setting the agenda for the decision makers within Danish oil and gas production in order to find the best and most durable solutions possible. We do that by identifying significant problems and visualize their potential effect to the relevant actors in order for decisions to be taken on a qualified basis.


The vision of Nordsøfonden:

Nordsøfonden works for long-term, innovative and financially sound exploration and production efforts in Denmark.


Our mission is to:

  • create the highest possible value for the Danish State from Nordsøfonden's participation in oil and gas exploration and production in Denmark.
  • ensure that Nordsøfonden is an active and competent partner which promotes coherent and cost-effective exploration and production.


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