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Once again in 2019, Nordsøfonden made a ten-figure contribution to the Danish State. In total, the transferred dividend plus taxes paid generated a cash flow of DKK 1.2 billion to the Danish Treasury. This is the figure that appears in the Nordsøfonden and Nordsøenheden annual report for 2019, which is being released today.


Nordsøfonden has signed an agreement to sell a share of Nordsøfonden’s gas production to Shell Energy Europe.


Today, Nordsøfonden welcomes the Norwegian oil and gas company Noreco as new partner in Danish Underground Consortium (DUC).


In 2018, Nordsøfonden paid taxes and transferred dividends to the state, resulting in a cash flow of DKK 2.4 billion to the Treasury. This is stated in the Nordsøfonden and Nordsøenheden Annual Reports for 2018, which are published today.
Nordsøfonden's net result for 2018 amounted to DKK 464 million. The total income from Nordsøfonden's oil and gas sales in 2018 was DKK 4.4 billion.


Nordsøfonden now initiates the gas sales process for the Tyra field rebuild period (September 2019 – expected June 2022)

Bids must be received by Nordsøfonden no later than 21 April 2019.

Interested buyers can contact Rasmus Hemmingsen ( for further information.

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