Corporate Social Responsibility

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In Nordsøfonden we are responsible for ensuring that our activities as a whole benefit society. We must run a profitable business while managing our tasks in an ethical and responsible manner. Therefore, we carry out our work in consideration of social, environmental and social conditions.

We work ambitiously with our social responsibility within the framework established for our company. We do this by setting requirements for our business partners and ourselves.


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Nordsøfonden's CSR policy describes Nordsøfonden's corporate social responsibility and focuses on the following four areas: safety, sustainability, requirements to suppliers and housekeeping.


CSR Policy


Code of Conduct

Nordsøfonden is aware of the role we play in Danish society and our responsibility towards partners as well as owners and employees. 

Nordsøfonden's Code of Conduct guides employees in how the company should be run, and what behavior is expected of employees in Nordsøfonden. 


Code of Conduct


Supplier Code of Conduct

Nordsøfonden's Supplier Code of Conduct specifies a number of requirements for all Nordsøfonden's suppliers and partners. Suppliers and partners are required to comply with this Code in all its activities for Nordsøfonden.


Supplier Code of Conduct



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