Awarding licences

The Danish State grants licences in Denmark.



The Danish Licence area is divided into two; the Cntral Graben area (the area west of 6°15’E) and the so-called Open Door area (the area east of 6°15’ E). Licences in the Central Graben area can be applied for during Licensing rounds held by The DanishEnergy Agency. Till now seven Licensing rounds have been held. The Danish Energy Agency provides regularly opportunities for applying for licences in the Open Door area. 


Danish Licence Area

The Danish sector of the North Sea offers a well-developed infrastructure. It is a mature area but assessments state that a considerable amount of oil and gas is situated in the Danish shelf, ready to be discovered.


The procedure of the Licensing rounds

The DEA invites interested oil and gas companies to apply for the areas they want to explore and potentially produce from. After the deadline the DEA will assess the applications and negotiate the offerend work program with the companies. 

The work program is mutually binding and describes the acquisition of data and exploration that the oil company is to provide within a given period of time. When agreement has been reached on the work program the licences has to be approved by the Climate-, Energy- and Utilities Committee of the Danish Parliament and can then be awarded to the oil companies.


Nordsøfonden representing the State

Being the state-owned oil and gas company Nordsøfonden is a partner in all new licences, usually as a 20 % owner. Nordsøfonden cannot be the operator of a licence.

Nordsøfonden participates on equal terms and with equal rights and liabilities as other commercial oil and gas compagnies. Nordsøfonden is a partner which via its knowledge of the Danish underground and legislation is able to contribute by creating value for the project and facilitate a good cooperation between the relevant parties of interest.

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